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Alarm Sensor

AS-433E Alarm Sensor
Model Price Qty  
Alarm Sensor
$54.98 $32.98

Download Product Manual (PDF)

As the name suggests, the device is a sensor that detects alarms from conventional systems and then sends out a signal to the skylink emergency dialer. This signal activates the dialer and the dialer calls out the emergency numbers.

You can also sync this system with other security systems using an N/C connector.

  • Detects conventional alarm sounds from existing security systems to activate transmission of a signal to the Skylink Security System or Emergency Dialer, which then activates the system.
  • Can stand alone, or can be used in conjunction with the Skylink security system.
  • Can be connected with other security systems using a N/C connector.
  • 9V Alkaline battery included.
  • Range up to 100ft.


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